Mill Creek Water District - Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All landowners or renters must file an application or contract with Mill Creek Water District. 
  2. All applicants must pay the predetermined connection/transfer fee.
  3. The landowner is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the service line from the meter into the building. 
  4. Service from Mill Creek Water District must not be connected to any other water source in order to prevent cross contamination of the District system and by IEPA law be inspected by a Mill Creek Water District operator.  
  5. Representatives of the District shall have the right to read and test meters, inspect pipe, and perform other duties required for maintenance and operation of service at any time. 
  6. The meter pit is to be opened only by an employee of the Mill Creek Water District.  Unauthorized tampering with the meter or any component of the water system is Illegal and violators are subject to any and all penalties as provided by law.   Damaged meter lids from mowing or snowplowing shall be billed to the customer.  Damage to radio read devices shall be billed to the customer. 
  7. If a property within the Mill Creek Water District is bought or sold, the current landowner is responsible for contacting the office of Mill Creek Water District as to the listing realtor, the new owner’s name, and the closing date.  
  8. Any new construction which requires Mill Creek Water to be run as a new hook-up will have the cost determined by Mill Creek Water on an individual basis.  
  9. Owners of property are responsible for payment of their bills, including rental properties which are not paid when due by a tenant or other occupant of the property.  
  10. If a property’s water pit sits for 6 months without regular water usage, a $500.00 pit upgrade fee may be applied to the property account for the cost of the upgrade.  
  11. Resale of any water by a member is a direct violation of Mill Creek Water District’s Rules.  
  12. Bills are mailed to the customer on the last day of the month.  It is the customer’s responsibility to notify our office if they do not receive their bill by the 5th of the new month.  MCWD is NOT responsible for the U.S. Mail Service.  Payment is due by the 10th of the month.  If payment is not received a late fee of 10% shall be added to the bill. 
  13. Fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees, MCWD without notice.